Lean Kaizen in Retail

Big retail brands worldwide are now moving towards Lean kaizen strategy to meet high customer demands in such a competitive environment. With high consumer awareness, exposure to international trends and the growth of online platform offering an alternate, convenient & cost effective shopping, it has become very critical for retailers to manage their operations efficiently to manage their supply chain and to delight customers visiting the store.

Adopting Lean Kaizen tools help retailers achieve significant improvements in profitability and customer satisfaction by:

  • Reducing customer turn around time at store

  • Increasing manpower productivity

  • Ensuring effective space utilisation

  • Improving fleet utilisation

  • Reducing inventory levels

  • Eliminating stock outs

  • Reducing operational lead time

Our clients, with effective implementation of Lean Kaizen tools for productivity, operational efficiency & inventory management, have achieved significant cost savings by more than 30% and increased customer satisfaction levels by more than 25%.

Our approach to Kaizen starts with assessment where we identify areas of waste, operational inefficiencies & high impact areas of improvement. Our Kaizen experts make a visit to workplace or plant and work closely with employees to implement Kaizen improvement tools. We bring in a professional expertise with consultants having more than 15 years of experience in implementing Kaizen in retail industry.

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