Asset Performance Improvement

Organisations focusing on asset performance management are certain that their assets are being utilised effectively generating maximum output at low cost. RIB consulting, with the application of asset management Kaizen tools, helps

  • Reduce Production cost/unit: We help minimise machine breakdowns, speed losses & quality losses by using Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), improving Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

  • Reduce Fleet Cost: We help improve fleet capacity utilisation & minimise fleet cost through TPM, Spare parts management & consumption

  • Reduce Space cost: We ensure effective Space utilisation & savings through flow management tools like Layout design, cellular manufacturing & Inventory management

Our Kaizen approach to asset optimisation can lead to huge savings at bottom line, more output using same assets, improving overall cash flow and profitability by more than 10%. These tools have delivered significant results across different industry sectors including manufacturing, service & retail industry.

In order to avail benefits of Kaizen asset management tool, its important to get an assessment of your assets & opportunities by a Kaizen expert visit at your place.

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