Lean Kaizen Consulting | Kaizen Consultancy Africa

RIB Consulting experts have helped more than 100+ clients in Africa to improve profitability by up to 25% through implementation of Lean Kaizen and many other operational excellence tools.

Our approach is customised to need of every organisation and starts by understanding needs of clients and then helping them understand real issues impacting the achievement of organisational goals. Our differentiation is in implementing Right Lean Kaizen tools, which will help the clients achieve the organisational goals. We have consistently delivered minimum 10 times return on investment to our clients.

Some of significant results achieved by our clients in Africa are:

  • Costs reduction by 25-30%

  • Optimisation of Inventories across supply chain to eliminate stock outs and reduce stock holding by up to 90%

  • Improve manpower efficiency by more than 100%

  • Reduction in Material wastage & rejection by 50%

  • Reduction machine breakdowns & unproductive time by 75%

Our unique Learn by Doing approach helps client build internal capability to implement Lean Kaizen. We focus on creating ownership, where employees take charge of continuous improvement / Kaizen by working in teams and deliver savings.

Our motto is to help our clients continuous improve their business and achieve their goals. We take pride in consistently delivering the results to all our clients.

Why should you choose RIB Consulting?

Guaranteed ROI: Our work with clients generates rapid results with guaranteed 10 times annual return of their consulting investment.

Customer focus: Our focus is on helping our clients become better organisation, we focus on helping achieve their goals rather than implementing what we know.

Continuous Improvement Culture:  We focus on creating a continuous improvement culture at out clients where employees are motivated to make improvements every day and help their organisation become better every day.

Capacity Development: We create Kaizen experts within our client organisation which not only builds internal capacity to implement Kaizen, but also generates ownership.

We are global Lean/Kaizen consultants offering Kaizen consultancy services across Africa including Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Uganda, Egypt, Senegal and Tanzania. Feel free to contact us on +254 738 399 329 or info@ribcon.com for initial assessment of your organisation and we will get in touch with you very shortly.