Japan Kaizen Study tours

“The Japan Kaizen Study Tour”, is a unique experience to learn and see Lean Kaizen practices at its place of birth. In Japan, Kaizen is more than just a philosophy – it’s a set of well-established business practices that a significant number of companies use successfully.

Japan Kaizen study tours are a great Opportunity to learn and study the Lean Management, Kaizen, Toyota Production System, TPM in practice. The Toyota Production System (TPS) is considered to be the most successful production system, which has led Toyota Motors to be the most competitive and most profitable motor company in the world. Every company in the world today is interested in learning and implementing the Toyota Production System to their system.

Japan Kaizen study Tours will give Kaizen leaders the firsthand experience they need to study and internalize what these mindsets and practices are all about. They will see not only which practices work, but learn why and how they are crucial to the development of a Lean company.

Kaizen tour can be attended by CEOs / General Managers / Plant Heads / Managers /Kaizen Coordinators  and is a wonderful opportunity to learn & benefit from the Best Lean / Kaizen practices

Some of the Benefits of Kaizen Study Tour – Japan are:

  • See & Learn Kaizen Principles, Implementation of Various TPS / Lean / Kaizen tour

  • Benchmarking of Best Lean / Kaizen Practicing Company

  • Training from Consultants with Toyota Motors Background

  • Ensuring quality time spent on improvement & breakthrough activities

  • Building operational excellence & continuous improvement culture