image source: humanergy

image source: humanergy

Training the new recruits in a Manufacturing environment is a great responsibility as their work life is going to be completely based upon the exposure they receive in this very beginning stage. Teaching them to spot waste in the existing process is an amazing method for improvement and sustainability.

Taiichi Ohno the father of Toyota Production System (TPS), made the new members of a production environment to stand in a circle to spot waste.

But how is this going to work?

  • Standing in a circle is part of the Genchi Genbutsu Philosophy (“go and see” – part of the TPS principle), which advises us to go to the actual place of work (Genba) and observe.
  • While standing in a circle the new members are expected to stand and observe the new process and understand its basics.
  • During the observation the members have to identify the waste within the process and the possible reasons causing the waste.
  • Normally the members are left standing for 8 hours or more when needed, before the sensei (“the teacher”) is satisfied with their findings.
  • Actually, it becomes hard for someone to spot the waste if he / she is familiar with the operation for a long time. And the reason for which is that they understand the “reason” that the waste exists and they will be inclined to rationalize its existence (the reason for its existence) and conclude that nothing can be done to improve it.
  • The best thing to do during the standing in a circle exercise is to just acknowledge that the waste exists, without the need to explain the reason for the waste or to try to figure out how to “fix” it.
  • By taking this exercise seriously, the amount of waste spotted by the new members (or the fresh eyes) could be enormous.
  • A common outcome from the exercise is to immediately identify solutions to eliminate the waste.

Standing in a circle for many hours will help the new members to understand, question and spot waste in a process, which is very beneficial to the company and the member himself.

Are you doing this in your plant already? Share your thoughts.

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