Lean Kaizen in Finance

Are all management reports that finance team produce are actually used for relevant decision making in business? Are your receivables are collected on time? Are all invoices raised and processed are correct at first time? Are all allocations of costs adding value to the business? Are our budgeting processes seamless, smooth and efficient?

Implementing Lean Kaizen in Finance helps optimise and minimise waste by simplifying and streamlining finance processes to create a leaner, more efficient finance operation. Adopting Lean tools as a part of finance function can help to:

  • Minimise Report generation lead-time

  • Minimise Receivable overdue days reduction

  • Minimise Inventory Variance

  • Minimise Finance costs

  • Opitmise Internal finance processes efficiency and TAT (including invoicing, procurement, preparing reports & more)

Focus on improving the overall effectiveness and quality across finance functioncan enable you to build an effective platform for delivering timely and insightful financial advice for your business.

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