Kaizen Consulting | Kaizen Consultancy | Kaizen Consultant in Dubai

RIB Consulting is leading Kaizen Consultant in UAE, our team of Lean & Kaizen Experts have helped several organisations in UAE to achieve significant results and savings through implementation of Operational excellence tools such as Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, TQM & Six Sigma. Our Kaizen consulting services can help you reduce Business throughput time, Improve Processes, Improve Manpower productivity, Optimise Inventories, Reduce Material Rejection and Wastage, Optimise space utilisation and much more.

Our approach is to first understand your business needs and current Gaps & Opportunities through Initial Assessment of your operations. Through Initial Assessment, we will quantify current losses impacting the profitability & calculate expected savings and create a Roadmap to achieve the expected savings. Focusing on ‘Learning by Doing’ approach we will help you to implement the identified Lean Kaizen projects through training & coaching of teams members.

RIB Consulting can help you to through right Kaizen tools for your organisation.

  • Reduce Business throughput time
  • Inventory Management & Optimisation
  • Manpower Productivity Improvement
  • Material Waste Reduction
  • Machine Efficiency Improvement
  • Layout improvement
  • Performance Management & Improvement

Through our global experience in implementing Lean/Kaizen in various countries such as UAE, India, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, Egypt, Zambia etc. We have best in class Lean Kaizen consultants who will work with you to improve your business. Contact us to start your Kaizen journey today!