Breakthrough – Hoshin Kanri

Plan, Align & Execute Goals and Strategies at every level of your organisation through powerful tool of Hoshin Kanri. Our expertise in Hoshin Kanri can help you achieve greater results through right strategies & its implementation.

Hoshin Kanri also known as Strategy deployment helps business leaders identify and focus on strategic objectives that will drive Breakthrough performance, also establishes a disciplined process for achieving those objectives.

Hoshin Kanri, a powerful tool, helps eliminate all barriers to achievement of organisational goals. It is a structured strategic planning process, aims at aligning strategies with day-to-day efforts & employee performance, to achieve the company objectives.

RIB Consulting experts can work with your leadership team to:

  • Create focus and direction to achieve your vision

  • Helps to capitalize on your strengths and position in the market

  • Align resources towards organisational goal

  • Utilize the creative efforts of everyone

  • Build a bridge between strategic planning and daily work

  • Integrate all aspects of your improvement efforts

RIB Consulting also helps you establish appropriate 3 to 5 year long term business objectives, translate those to annual objectives with concrete actions and targets in the form of X-Matrix. Hoshin Kanri X-Matrix joins four quadrants and visually connects annual Breakthrough objectives, guidelines to achieve the objectives, divisional improvement objectives with concrete actions with targets.

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