JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers) held Deming award ceremony on Nov 13, 2013. Following are the name of winners!

Deming Grand Prize

  • Meidoh Company Ltd., Japan
  • Rane Brake Linings, India

Deming Award

  • Advics Co. Ltd, Japan
  • RCB Transmissions Ltd., India
  • SCG Logistics Company Ltd., Thailand
  • MC Systems, Japan
  • Komatsu Shantui Construction Co. Ltd., Japan
  • Sanden Corporation, Japan
  • Meihoku Kogyo Ltd, Japan

The Deming Prize is one of the highest awards on TQM (Total Quality Management) in the world. It was established in 1951 in commemoration of the late Dr. William Edwards Deming who contributed greatly to Japan’s proliferation of statistical quality control after the World War II. His teachings helped Japan build its foundation by which the level of Japan’s product quality has been recognized as the highest in the world.

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