Our Approach

Our objective is to create a Continual Improvement Culture and maximize growth in Revenues and Profits within our client organization thus helping them to become Lean and Growing Organization

Our practical and powerful approach of Retainment, Improvement & Breakthrough helps our clients to retain and improve on current business performance and to achieve excellence using various Continual Improvement tools i.e. KAIZEN, Lean Management concepts.

In any business, Right People are the key resource. A business can grow and excel only if the key resources of any business are performing Right Functions with Right Thinking and working in Right Direction to achieve organizational goals.

Retainment, Improvement and Breakthrough are 3 Main functions of 3 Levels of Management (Top, Middle, Bottom).

Retainment means sustenance of PQCDSM (Productivity, Quality, Cost Delivery, Safety, Morale) and is main function of Junior Management (Operators and Supervisors). Retainment helps build a world class culture for Continual Improvement

Improvement represents Continuous improvement of PQCDSM using Kaizen and Lean Management tools and is main function of Middle Management

(Managers).Continual Improvement helps you to eliminate huge costs of hidden waste (MUDA in Japanese), poor quality and lost market share.

Breakthrough means Innovation focused on providing business with competitive advantage and growth. Breakthrough is main function of Top Management (CEO, MD).Breakthrough tools helps to significantly increase top line growth through long term vision and growth strategy and implement innovative techniques to achieve breakthrough results in every aspects of business.

The figure shows the Ideal state of Retainment, Improvement & Breakthrough functions by various levels of management.

Most of the time, all the levels of management struggle to retain the level already achieved in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale. Continuous Improvement & Breakthrough functions are ignored as management doesn’t get time to perform these functions, thus resulting in doing less with more.

Traditional way of improving business followed by organizations is by adding more resources (machinery, space, people, material), where our Philosophy is about improving the business performance by optimizing/compressing resources by elimination of waste (MUDA).