Lean Kaizen in Education

LEAN / KAIZEN has grown from manufacturing roots to service industry and public sector applications. Lean thinking began with the Toyota Production System which transformed car manufacturing in post-war Japan, but is now being used by companies and organizations around the world, in the public and private sectors, to improve Customer service, Quality and efficiency, Staff morale, Internal communication and cooperation.

LEAN / KAIZEN has proven its worth in streamlining processes and improving efficiency within office administration and services. Many universities around the world are now implementing large-scale change programmes on LEAN / KAIZEN aimed at reviewing their administrative services and developing a culture of continuous improvement.

LEAN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM provides a way of responding to the growing need to deliver more while consuming less using LEAN / KAIZEN principles. It uses cultural change to deliver dramatically improved service and decreased costs. By involving people at the right level it develops a sense of ownership for work. It also develops Team work within departments, making the University leaner, smaller, and increasing morale.

Some of the results of Implementing LEAN University Program are; Reduced Costs, Reduce Process Times, Better service to Students, Simpler administration for Academics, More time for staff to spend doing the important stuff.

RIB Consulting involves client teams in learning, applying, analyzing and making LEAN/ KAIZEN disciplines a regular part of the operating philosophy of the organization. Our goal is to build your organization’s core LEAN / KAIZEN competencies—from top and middle managers to frontline workers—in a way that becomes self-sustaining after our engagement ends.

We provide LEAN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM Implementation and Training for key staff as we create a core of Leaders among your own staff to help you sustain the gains. Your organization will develop a culture that includes this renewable source of success within the organization. Applying LEAN / KAIZEN principles can lead to improvements in a broad range of operating processes found in every university.

Our services are designed to help Universities / Business schools to reduce process waste, improve workflow, and benefit from performance improvement opportunities.Together we can build your organization’s core LEAN / KAIZEN competencies in a way that becomes self-sustaining after our engagement ends. We will tailor a practical, focused approach that quickly generates enthusiasm among your staff, and sustainable improvements that yield a rapid return on your investment.

We are global Lean/Kaizen education consultants offering Kaizen consultancy services across schools, colleges and educational institutes across India including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Punjab. Feel free to contact us via phone or our contact and our consultants will get in touch with your very shortly.