Lean Kaizen in Farms

LEAN / KAIZEN has grown from manufacturing roots to service industry, public sectors and Agricultural Industry. Lean thinking began with the Toyota Production System which transformed car manufacturing in post-war Japan, but is now being used by companies and organizations around the world, in the public and private sectors, to reduce waste, improve Customer service, Quality and efficiency, Staff morale, Internal communication and cooperation.

LEAN / KAIZEN has proven its worth in streamlining processes and improving efficiency within all type of industries and services. Many companies around the world are now implementing large-scale change programs on LEAN / KAIZEN aimed at waste reduction to reduce costs, improve systems & processes and developing a culture of continuous improvement.

LEAN / Kaizen in Farms helps a farm develop, implement and sustain an obsessive focus on becoming efficient and productive in everything it does, be it planting, irrigation, cultural practices, harvesting, transporting, packing, dispatch etc. Lean farming focuses on every single activity that happens on the farm, meticulously analyzing & improving processes and activities.

It provides a way of responding to the growing needs to deliver more while consuming lesser resources (Human, Time, Space, Machines, Materials, Utilities) using LEAN / KAIZEN principles. It uses cultural change to deliver dramatically improved customer service and decreased costs. By involving people at the right level it develops a sense of ownership for work. It also develops Team work within departments, making the Organization leaner.

Benefits of LEAN Kaizen Implementation in Farms

It has been proved that up to 20% (direct and indirect) cost savings can be the gained from the adoption and sustenance of LEANFarms practices! Needless to mention that these savings normally add directly to the bottom line… Financial gains come from identification, reduction and elimination of MUDA (Waste) / Non value adding activities on the farm, which results in…

  • Higher Manpower productivity (on the field and pack houses)

  • Pack House efficiency through improved layout, production planning & production FLOW

  • Quality (Reduced post harvest damages)

  • Inventory Management

  • Optimal Utilization and Maintenance of Farm equipment

  • Improved Yield

Apart from the above gains, improved motivation, skills and team work are always noticed with the implementation of LEAN Kaizen in Farms. These are invaluable in money terms and result in a positive cultural change!

RIB Consulting involves client teams in learning, applying, analyzing and making LEAN / KAIZEN disciplines a regular part of the operating philosophy of the organization. Our goal is to build your organization’s core LEAN / KAIZEN competencies—from top and middle managers to frontline workers—in a way that becomes self-sustaining. We provide LEAN Kaizen implementation in Farms Implementation and Training as per our Typical Implementation model.

  • Plan – Assessment

  • Prepare – Training

  • Implement – Continual Improvement workshops

  • Retain- Audits & Daily LEAN Kaizen Management

Together we can build your organization’s core LEAN / KAIZEN competencies in a way that becomes self-sustaining after our engagement ends. We tailor a practical, focused approach that quickly generates enthusiasm among your staff, and sustainable improvements that yield a rapid return on your investment.