Lean Kaizen Consulting | Kaizen Consultancy India

Our lean kaizen consulting services by Kaizen consultants in Kaizen consultant India can assist you in achieving savings and increase profits by 25% by eliminating waste and process improvements continuously on journey to excellence. We leverage Lean Management and Continual Improvement Kaizen tools and processes through our proprietary RIB Model for Operational Excellence that will help:

  • Reduce costs by 30%

  • Cut down Inventory by 90%

  • Improve manpower productivity by 100%

  • Reduce rejections by 50%

  • Reduce machine downtime by 50%

  • Reduce space by 50%

  • Improve employee performance by 25%

RIB Consulting takes traditional consulting a step further. Acting as more than just an advisor, our consultant such as Kaizen consultant in Mumbai work right alongside your team and get our hands dirty so that you receive detailed instructions on where to go next, how long it will take and what the ROI is.

We make your team members expert in implementation of Retainment, Improvement & Breakthrough solutions.

RIB Consulting differ from other consulting firms for the following reasons:

Excellent ROI: Our work with clients generates rapid results with a minimum of 3 to 5 times annual return of their consulting investment

Sustenance: Most of the lean kaizen consulting companies do improvements and leave the sustenance part to the clients. RIB has taken sustenance as one of foremost priority in our RIB Model for achieving Operational Excellence. This makes clients to retain the improvements carried out and move further to achieve Breakthrough solutions

Strategic Roadmap & Quantifiable Benefits: RIB works with clients leadership team to develop a comprehensive road map for improvements with quantified benefits.

Knowledge Transfer: Using our innovative RIB Model and our Jishuken workshops, we emphasize the transfer of knowledge by providing the right tools, desire, dedication and discipline with hand-on experience to support your transformational activities.

We are global Lean/Kaizen consultants offering Kaizen consultancy services across India including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Punjab. Feel free to contact us via phone or our contact and our consultants from kaizen consultant India will get in touch with your very shortly.

Kaizen Consulting

“Competitor to be feared is one, who is not bothered by your business, but one who is always focused improving his own business” a famous quote by Henry Ford, Founder of Ford motor company, USA reflects on importance of continuous improvement (Kaizen) for any organisation.

Optimizing the performance of an organization is a continuous process as there is always scope for improvement. Identifying problem areas, planning and effecting suitable changes, checking results and correcting course is the usual way ahead; however it is not as easy as said. Here’s where Kaizen, better known as “the continuous improvement process”, can work wonders when implemented with the help of Kaizen consultants such as kaizen consultant in Mumbai who are experts in process and its application across industries. Typically applied in manufacturing sector, Kaizen is practised in several companies to enhance the productivity and efficiency of operations. Kaizen consulting services help companies transform their work culture and workplace to boost employee morale and productivity.

Who is it for?

Kaizen is for any organisation (manufacturing, process or service)  that wishes to improve productivity, reduce costs and improve profitability and establish continuous improvement culture. Kaizen helps to curb waste (MUDA), make operations efficient, relevant and error-free, keep customers satisfied, and eventually improve returns.

What industries benefit from it?

Kaizen consulting services are suitable for companies across different sectors, but can make a significant difference in manufacturing, process and service industry looking to go Lean. Kaizen consultants in India are proficient to adapt tools and process to trigger improvements in other sectors as well.

How does it help?

Changing for the better is acceptable and effective when done in a systematic manner rather than making drastic alterations to tried-and-tested ways of working overnight! Implementing Kaizen in manufacturing facilities result in:

  • Reduction of Idle time – both men and machines optimally utilized
  • Reduction of Excess Inventory – bringing down holding costs
  • Enhanced Quality of Deliverables
  • Optimal capacity utilization

  • Elimination of waste – time, effort and material

  • Improved employee morale and productivity

These are but few salient benefits of Kaizen.

Availing Kaizen Consulting services from established service providers can help companies plan and strategize implementation, gain employee participation, train employees across the firm on best practices and of course sustain the benefits long-term by formulating suitable processes and procedures, which will be refined continuously as well.