Total Flow Management

Total Flow Management or TFM is highly advisable for technical and management staff in the areas of production, production logistics, production control, assembly as well as Kaizen operatives.

RIB Consulting provides TFM consulting for various companies in Kenya and India. Our TFM consultants work with your team to achieve excelllence with Kaizen and Lean supply chain. Our engagement as a Total Flow Management consultant is always directed towards achieving improved efficiency and increasing EBIT ( Earning before net interest and tax) through continuous improvement to processes and systems.

Our Total Flow Management consultants ensure that there is proper employee participation in the program and complete transfer of knowledge from us to your key nominated representatives. This is one of the key factor while working with any TFM consultant as without proper transfer of knowledge to your internal staff, it is next to impossible to sustain the initial growth and improvement that you would see with the program.

Our Total Flow management consulting is not just triggered towards increasing efficiency in your processes and supply chain but to equip you staff with the necessary knowledge and skills, so they can lead the organization in the path of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement).

We offer Implementation & Training on following topics under Total Flow Management:

  • Principles of Just in Time Production

  • One Piece Flow

  • Line design, Cellular Manufacturing, Line Balancing

  • Ergonomy at workplace

  • Standardised Work

  • Pull System

  • Supermarket System

  • Kanban System

  • Setup Reduction through SMED

If you are considering a Total Flow Management consulting & training service, feel free to contact us.