Our Roots

Our heritage is rooted in the Japanese Management Systems, which we learned firsthand through close working with and learning from prominent Japanese Sensei’s Prof. Yoshikazu Tsuda, Prof. Yasutoshi Washio and Prof. Naoto Sasaki.

We are helping our clients to improve their business performance using our RIB Model which has the strong influence of Japanese management systems, the teachings of Dr.Edwards Deming and the basic prinicple of ‘RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL’ of the Japanese giant HONDA.

Dr.W. Edward Deming, one of the foremost experts of Quality Control in the United States taught the basics of statistical quality control plainly and thoroughly to Executives, Managers, Researchers and Engineers of Japanese Industry. His teachings made a deep impression on Japanese industrialists and provided great impetus on Quality Control in Japan.As per Dr.Deming, to achieve the highest level of performance requires more than a good philosophy – THE ORGANIZATION MUST CHANGE ITS BEHAVIOUR AND ADOPT NEW WAYS OF DOING BUSINESS. He has amply summed up his approach in the famous DEMING’s 14 Point Plan.

We have expertise on implementing the DEMING model which helps our clients to effectively and efficiently achieve their goals by applying LEAN KAIZEN.