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Case Studies

RIB Consulting has served more than 100 clients across 25 industry sectors & has conducted more than 500 Kaizen workshops worldwide. RIB has worked with wide range of industries in both manufacturing & service industry.

  • Manufacturing Industry includes FMCG, Automotive, Chemical & Process, Plastic & Paper, Textile, Refinery, Electrical & Mechanical, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Metals & Steel & more

  • Service Industry includes Retail, Supermarkets, Health care, Hospitality, Logistics, Financial services, Construction & Building, Trading houses, Poultry Farms & more

Here are some of our client’s success stories & achievements through Kaizen implementation under our expertise:

> Hoshin Kanri profit story of Kenya’s largest FMCG manufacturer

> Productivity Improvement Kaizen journey of India’s leading plastic component manufacturer

> Wastage Reduction through Kaizen tools by leading stationary manufacturer in Kenya

> Cost Reduction with Kaizen Implementation by largest manufacturer of plastic bottles in Kenya

> Additional Output @ Zero Investment – TPM implementation by India’s 3rd largest tractor manufacturer

Process Efficiency Improvement by largest poultry company in Kenya – Kaizen way

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