Process Improvement

In order to enable rapid improvements in processes and maximise operational efficiencies, Kaizen is the key. You may find that process changes are happening on regular basis, but it should be rapid, sustainable & continuous that can save time, money & resources involved.

If you are looking the best way to improve your cycle time or minimise customer response time or minimise order to delivery time and achieve operational excellence, RIB Consulting makes it easy for you. By implementing Kaizen process improvement tools, we help our clients improving process efficiencies by more than 30% resulting in greater output & huge savings.

Our process improvement Kaizen approach includes

  • Identify key processes for improvement

  • Study each process in detail

  • Identify Non value adding activities (rework, errors & delays etc)

  • Develop plan for improvements

  • Execute improvements at Gemba

  • Standardise process & sustain

It is very critical that people involved have buy-in to implement changes & sustain them for greater results. That’s why; we conduct rapid process improvement workshops at Gemba and get involved at each stage of process with all people involved in execution. We believe in making your employees as Kaizen experts who can thereby keep implementing Kaizen tools for continuous improvement in processes.