Lean Kaizen in Poultry

As the poultry industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, it needs greater integration, better cost-effectiveness and improvement in the distribution process. Poultry companies today are facing challenges like:

  • Variations in feed usage

  • High mortality rates

  • Low stocking density

  • High feed cost

  • Storage capacity utilisation

It becomes critical to adopt Kaizen tools & techniques to improve operational efficiency in each process. RIB Consulting has wide range of experience in implementing Kaizen tools in poultry sector to help clients deliver:

  • Improvement in Hatchability

  • Reduction of mortality rate

  • Maximise output/ kg

  • Inventory Optimisation

  • Improve feed consumption ratio

By implementing Kaizen process improvement tools, we help our clients improving process efficiencies by more than 30% resulting in greater output & huge savings.

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