Our Team

RIB Consulting had been dedicated in assisting companies implements LEAN KAIZEN systems in order to become more cost effective, efficient, flexible and LEAN in their operations. Our delivery is entirely focusing on GEMBA (the real place) approach with REAL PEOPLE and REAL PROBLEMS in REAL TIME. Focus would be on ACTION; on Learning by Doing and not merely on class room training. Our Consultants has more than a decade of operational experience, from a techincal background and has personally led LEAN/KAIZEN initiative prior joining RIB.

Rohit Bagga
Rohit BaggaCo-founder & Director
Rohit Bagga, Co-founder & Director of RIB consulting learnt LEAN KAIZEN tools from various TOYOTA suppliers in Japan.
Sameer Bali
Sameer BaliCo-founder & Director
Sameer Bali, Co-founder & Director of RIB Consulting, started working on LEAN KAIZEN from 2000 onwards and got significant results in his earlier organization.