Sustenance – Daily Work Management

Daily Work Management is also known as Daily Routine Management and Nichijo (Every day, Daily) Kanri (Management) in Japanese. DWM has its roots and origin in Japanese style of Management. It is an approach focused on retaining and improving performance of a company on Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Morale (PQCDSM).

DWM is the main tool for achieving the Retainment part in 3 functions of management: Retainment, Improvement and Breakthrough. It is the way of managing the business on a day-­to-day basis to ensure the planned results are achieved and effective counter measures are taken regularly to resolve problems while ensuring that problems do not reoccur

Focus of DWM is on maintaining current level of performance and includes actions leading to small gradual improvements too. Most of us are busy in day to day fire – fighting or Managing crisis. If routine activities are controlled and can be taken care of by people down the line, senior people can focus on improvements and future planning.

DWM relates to management of activities pertaining to area of responsibility and which are repeated on daily / routine basis. Word used is daily but even if an activity is repeated once a week or more, it is still routine and hence covered under daily management.

RIB Consulting has helped various clients in implementing the Retainment module which involves the following steps:

  • Creation and Implementation of Managing Points Check Points (MPCP)

  • Design and Implementation of Visual Control System (VCS)

  • Establish Standard Work on GEMBA including LEADER STANDARD WORK

  • Training on Standardization

  • Training on Visual controls

Many of our clients has successfully implemented the Retainment module which helped them to maintain the improvement level achieved in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & Morale and empower your workforce and biuld a world class culture of continual improvement. Daily Work Management (also knowns as Nichijo Kanri in Japanese) is one of the Key tools for sustaining continual improvement efforts and making Lean Kaizen part of day to day activities.

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