Performance Management Software

Human Resources are the biggest asset for any organization. Organizational goals can only be achieved through its people. In order to achieve maximum potential of all employees, there is need to establish effective employee performance management system which can be obtained by building methodical online performance management system software. Role of Human Resources (HR) function in today’s organization has transformed from traditional administrative work towards improving the performance of the employees by building a favorable work environment and providing the employees with maximum opportunities to participate in organizational planning and decision- making process. Software such as Performance Management Software can aid the Human Resource Department in numerous ways.

A good online performance Management System is needed to evaluate performance of every employee objectively on a regular basis and to provide them direction & resources to achieve the set objectives.  Traditionally Performance evaluation and management is a cumbersome process, generally done at end of the year or during mid-year and requires hours taken in to appraisals and evaluation. As performance evaluation is done only after mid-year or end of financial year, it is too late to take action to correct or improve the performance of employees. Performance Management Software help in distributing the work load and reducing the time and workload, perhaps increasing the efficiency.

Implementation of Good performance management system requires continuous evaluation of employee’s performance and engaging them in continuous improvement activities. This can happen only when administrative work for performance evaluation and management can be done automatically & accurately.

HoshinPMS is a revolutionary cloud-based employee performance management tracking softwarethat allows the user organization to accurately assess and continuously improve employee performance on real-time basis. It is a highly effective online performance management system that has been evolved to align your organisational goals and strategies from top to bottom and ensure its execution through quality data based reviews. HoshinPMS brings in benefits and features making it quick, secure and easy to use software for HR and Top management.

  • Easy and Simple User Interface

  • Accurate Performance Tracking

  • Live Performance View

  • Combination of Goal based performance and Supervisor rated performance based on soft skills (Behaviours, Skill, and Discipline etc.)

  • Training and Consultation by Experts

  • Online Support System

  • Data Security & Back-up

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Custom Reports, Optional feature of 360 degree feedback

cloud based

Cloud Based



easy to customize

Easy to Customise



Safe and secure

Safe & Secure

Why choose HoshinPMS over Traditional Performance Management Software?

HoshinPMS is a continuous performance management software that helps you to create ownership and improve employee performance at all levels. It also allows the top management to be up-to-date on employee’s performance and track team’s progress against the set goals and targets.

HoshinPMS integrates a powerful continuous improvement Kaizen tool i.e. Hoshin Kanri that not only provides technology to view live employee performance but also ensures improvement in organization culture in the areas of Profitability Improvement, Strategy development & execution, Performance management & Improvement, Cost Reduction, Manpower Productivity and Process Improvement.

HoshinPMS is a perfect platform for HR and Top Management and definitely better than the traditional performance management software due to its continuous improvement tool i.e. Hoshin Kanri and live results based on employee performance.

Maximise potential of your employees: HoshinPMS continuous performance management solution helps create ownership and improve employee performance continuously by

  • Stimulating continuous discussion between managers and reportees through regular structured reviews to align and improve performance

  • Capturing live performance of key success factors to help conduct quality data driven reviews

  • Ensuring more control by managers over execution of goals and strategies on daily, weekly and monthly basis

  • Enabling access to individual, team, department performance anytime anywhere and take prompt actions without even waiting for face-to-face meetings or reviews

Get Accurate Real-time Performance Assessments: HoshinPMS allows top management and managers keep up-to-date on employee’s performance and track team’s progress against goals and targets.

  • It helps identify top and bottom performers based on both goal achievement and supervisor ratin

  • It helps track daily, weekly and monthly performance of employees anytime, anywhere without waiting for yearly appraisals to happen

  • It ensures objective and fact-based decisions by managers with respect to performance evaluation and appraisals

  • It ensures better quality data driven reviews on key success factors with fact-based decisions on performance

  • Not only this, it helps HR team to keep track of employees and guide managers on team performance anytime with improvement areas.

HoshinPMS allows access to comprehensive performance summary including:

  • Employee Goal Sheet including goals, targets and strategies to achieve targets

  • Employee Score Card with month-wise performance

  • Goal Score and Graphs

  • Monthly, YTD performance reports

  • Reportee Performance (Direct & Downward Hierarchy)

  • Monthly Rating by Supervisor on Soft Skills, Discipline & Behavior

Powerful and strategic goal management: HoshinPMS integrates a powerful continuous improvement Kaizen tool – Hoshin Kanri, that not only provides technology to view live employee performance but also ensures:

  • Alignment of every employee to organisational goals and objectives

  • Team based Deployment of organisational goals and strategies from top to bottom

  • Developing right goals and strategies for each employee focusing on continuous improvement

  • Implementation of right strategies and projects at individual level

  • Focussed direction for each employee through structured goal sheet with set goals, strategies and targets

  • Setting right targets on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis

  • Evaluation of employee performance on the basis of actual savings and contribution to organisation profits

How does HoshinPMS work?

HoshinPMS helps you automatically evaluate, monitor and improve performance of all employees. HoshinPMS offers following features:

  • Goal Setting & deployment to all employees

  • Score Card & Performance Monitoring

  • Online Performance Reviews

  • Performance Analysis & Reports

  • Strategy Management & Execution

  • Project Management

  • 360 Degree feedback

FAQs on HoshinPMS

We offer support in Goal setting through our Performance management consulting team. Goals can also be set internally through Goal deployment module

Data can be entered manually by each individual or can be centrally uploaded

Yes, but this is an optional feature
Performance is evaluated through customised score evaluation criteria for each organisation
Performance can be monitored through Individual score cards and performance graphs, also through various reports offered by HoshinPMS
HoshinPMS offer system for setting of reviews and feedback after review is conducted. However, actually reviews must be conducted in person with the employees
We have several reports to analyse performance of Individuals, different plants & sites, as well as Performance analysis reports
We offer HoshinPMS as Software as a service (SAAS) and charges are based on per user annual committment. Please contact us on [email protected] for pricing