Create High Performance Culture with HoshinPMS

Easy, Affordable and Out-of-the Box Performance Tool

Enhance Employee Engagement and Communication

Improve performance of your employees by stimulating continuous discussion between managers and reportees through regular structured reviews. Give your managers more control over execution of goals and strategies on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Gain valuable Performance Insights

As focused direction with structured goal sheet including goals, targets and strategies are pre-defined for each employee, leaders get a strong platform to assess the progress made by each individual. They can easily identify opportunities and problem areas and take prompt actions without even waiting for face-to-face meetings or reviews.

Execute Annual Plans and Strategies

HoshinPMS not just involves setting right measurable objectives, but it also helps lay out the right path to achieve those objectives. It allows managers and reportees to develop right strategies and projects to implement and track actual execution on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Drive Improvement at Each Level

By evaluating performance and results real-time and on regular basis, team and individuals can identify improvement opportunities and start implementing them to leverage benefits immediately. HoshinPMS ensures improvements at each level, department or work area including Profitability, Cost Reduction, Manpower Productivity and Process Improvement.

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