HoshinPMS vs Traditional Performance Management System

HoshinPMS integrates a powerful continuous improvement Kaizen tool – Hoshin Kanri that not only provides platform to manage employee performance but also ensures improvement in organisation culture in the areas of Profitability Improvement, Strategy development & execution, Performance management & Improvement, Cost Reduction, Manpower Productivity and Process Improvement.

Here is why HoshinPMS is now preferred by most companies in comparison to Traditional Performance Management System.

Attributes HoshinPMS Traditional PMS
Goal Setting  Team based deployment involving Group discussion One-on-one deployment/Goals set by HR or respective manager
Alignment to organisation goals Ensures alignment of goals and strategies from top to bottom Restricted to few levels
Type of Goals Few Focused Goals – Objective & Measurable Many goals – Subjective or Partially Objective
Goal Achievement Supported by Strategies & Projects How to achieve goals (Strategies) are missing
Goal & Strategy Execution Ensures execution across organisation through online strategy execution and performance tracking system Depends on managers to execute
Internal Reviews Ensures regular reviews through online review management and completion module Depends on managers to execute
Performance Monitoring Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annually
Performance Evaluation Mix of Objective (80-90%) & Subjective evaluation (10%-20%) Subjective evaluation based on personal assessment of Supervisor
Performance Gap Analysis Real-time gap analysis through online performance reports Manually through excel sheets
Performance Improvement Ensures continuous improvement at all levels Depends on individual performance
Organisational Profitability Track top and bottom performers and their goals affecting company profitability No direct link with company profitability
Appraisal Criteria Quantitative Qualitative

Learn how HoshinPMS makes employees more productive and enables them to focus on the things that matter most to grow your business.

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