Kaizen Facilitator Certification Training

Kaizen Facilitator Certification Training will equip you with the knowledge and skill to implement Lean Kaizen effectively in an organization. You will learn how to implement various Lean Kaizen tools in an organization to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Course fee : $1000/participant


May 11-13, 2020


08:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Hotel Zen Garden, Nairobi

30 hours of training

4-Day Interactive session with Kaizen Experts

Access to course content

Assignments and Projects

Case studies and Group work

Kaizen Facilitator course completion certificate

What you’ll learn?

  • Preparation of mindset for Lean/Kaizen journey in an organization and dealing with resistance
  • Lean/Kaizen basic concepts (MUDA, MURA, MURI, GEMBA, KAIZEN etc)
  • Identifying problems, right tools to implement for Profitability, Cost Reduction and Cash Flow Improvement
  • Overview of CI Modules and Detailed learning on Key Lean/Kaizen tools in TFM & TPM
  • Driving Kaizen within organisation through internal Kaizen workshops and Continuous Improvement projects
  • Creating structure and system for Sustenance of results

Who should attend?

Kaizen Facilitator Certification training course is meant for any professional seeking career growth in Lean Kaizen or seeking hands-on experience working with Lean Kaizen tools and techniques. There is no eligibility criteria for enrolling into Kaizen Facilitator Certification course.

Session 1: Understanding Fundamentals of Lean Kaizen
  • Key principles of Continuous Improvement
  • In-depth understanding of 7 wastes (MUDA)
  • Techniques to identify 7 Wastes
  • MUDA hunt exercise
  • Principles and Steps of Lean Management
  • Importance of Toyota way principles in Continuous improvement journey
  • Detailed learning on PDCA and QC story approach
Session 2: Building Right Mindset & Managing the Changes
  • Understanding Paradigms and Paradigm shift
  • Discovering Organisational Paradigms
  • Techniques and steps of changing paradigms
  • Paradigm shift examples and success stories
  • Steps of dealing with resistance
Session 3: Identifying Problems and Leveraging Kaizen Opportunities
  • Identifying the key issues impacting organizational profitability, cost and cash flow
  • Conducting assessment on Resources utilization and operational performance
  • Key data analysis required to assess on Kaizen opportunities
  • Understanding problems through data analysis and choosing right mix of Lean Kaizen tools
  • Learning to see waste through Value Stream Mapping
  • Estimating Potential benefits from Kaizen projects
  • Creating Roadmap for Effective Kaizen Project Plans and ensuring on time execution
Session 4: Total Flow Management (TFM)
  • Key principles & objectives of Total Flow Management
  • Creating the material and information flow in Manufacturing: Key Principles and methodology to reduce operational lead time and improving manpower productivity. Learn Cellular Manufacturing, Line Balancing, TAKT Time, Layout design principles
  • Creating Pull System: Key Principles and methodology to improve OTIF and optimizing inventories using Kanban
Session 5: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Key principles & objectives of Total Productive Maintenance
  • Capturing OEE, losses and analyzing data to select appropriate TPM Pillars
  • Techniques to reduce Availability losses:
    • Breakdown reduction using Autonomous Maintenance and Planned Maintenance
    • Changeover times reduction using SMED
  • Root cause analysis
Session 6: Effective Kaizen Workshops
  • Understanding Kaizen workshops
  • Steps of conducting productive internal kaizen workshops
  • Motivating and engaging teams to deliver results in the workshop
  • Create structure & system for sustenance of results: Managing Daily and Weekly reviews, and managing steering committee reviews

RIBCON Training Advantage

  • Combination of educational presentations and case studies
  • Productive in-session assignments and participants collaboration to provide actionable learning
  • Training by senior consultants with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience across various industry sectors
  • Opportunity to get work assignments of Kaizen implementation

About the Instructors

Our instructors are Kaizen experts who have worked for more than 100 companies across various industries from past 15 years. Our team has conducted over 250 Kaizen workshops & Trainings on, 5S, Lean Manufacturing, Just-In-Time, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Total Quality Management, Total Flow Management (TFM), Daily Work Management, Preventive Maintenance, Internal Kaizen Expertise and Hoshin Kanri.

Become Certified Kaizen Facilitator

RIBCON conducts an online exam with one project completion at the end of Kaizen Facilitator training program. You need to score 60% to receive a course completion certificate. Enroll today and become a Kaizen expert.

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