Kobetsu Kaizen (Focused Improvement) is first Pillar of Total Productive Maintenance is used to address non equipment

TPM: Total Productive Maintenance

related losses and losses which can not be addressed by other pillars. Kobetsu Kaizen means Focused Improvement and uses the approach of Root cause analysis to address the losses. Data on all non equipment related losses is collected and prioritised through Pareto analysis to select the highest loss to be addressed first.

Following is list of various losses addressed by Kobetsu Kaizen:

  • Set-up and Tool change loss (Approach of SMED is used to address this loss)
  • Start-up loss
  • Minor stoppages
  • Reduced speed
  • Management Loss (Lack of material, operators and any other issues which can be resolved by management only)
  • Operating motion loss
  • Line organization loss
  • Measurement and adjustment loss
  • Tools, jigs and consumables loss
  • Yield loss