TPM in Filling Lines

//TPM in Filling Lines

TPM in Filling Lines

First step is to measure the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) accurately and understand the losses. All Major losses should be selected for improvement project. Key methodology for OEE improvement is concept of TPM. TPM has 8 pillars and 4 pillars (Kobetsu Kaizen, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance and Education & Training) must be implemented at time of starting the implementation.

Autonomous maintenance aims at creating equipment competent operator who can take care of his / her machine. Objective of autonomous maintenance is to prevent forced deterioration by detecting and correcting the Abnormalities on machine. Use of Auotnomous maintenance is very effective in reduction of breakdonws, minor stoppages & speed losses.

Another very effective TPM tool for filling lines is SMED (Single minute exchange of Die) to reduce changeover times. Changeover times can be reduced by as much as 90% using SMED technique effectively.

Systematic implementation of TPM can result in significant improvement in OEE of filling lines.

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